Asian Integrated Cell Laboratory

Cell Tests

  • IMT Immunityl Test
  • VIT Vitality Test
  • MFT Mobility and Flexibility Test
  • HCTC High Standard Circulating Tumor Cells Screening
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    Cell Storage

  • Grade I Immune Cell Storage: Cancer Prevention
  • Grade II Immune Cell Storage: Cancer Prevention, Improve Subhealth, Anti-aging
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    Cell Therapy

  • Asian 1 High Efficacy Autologous NK Cells
  • Asian 9 Second Generation High Potency Stem Cells
  • Zhong Ji 1 Regenerative Articular Cartilage Treatment
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    Cell Enhancement

  • ZJ1 NMN + PQQ
  • ZJ1 VC
  • Asian9 High Potency Antioxidant
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    Authoritative International Expert Team

    Prof. Hartmut Michel
    Chief Technical Officer of ZHONG JI 1 International Medical Group (HK) Ltd.
    Nobel Prize Winner
    German Biochemist
    Director of the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry (Germany)
    Prof. Randy W.Schekman
    Chief Health Consultant, Hong Kong Zhong Ji International Health Association
    Dean of ZJ1 International Health School
    Nobel Prize Winner
    President of the American Biological Association
    Editor-in-Chief of the Proceedings of the American Academy of Sciences
    Founding Director of Berkeley Stem Cell Center
    Prof. Irving Weissman
    As “Father of the Stem Cell Therapy in Oncology”
    Chief Scientist of Asia Integrated Cell Bank
    Director of Academician Weissman International Advanced Medical Center
    Director of Academician Weissman Cell Preparation Center (Hong Kong)
    President of American Society of Immunologists
    President of International Society for Stem Cell Research
    Director of Cancer Center of Stanford University
    Prof. Abba Chedi Zubair
    Director, Asian Integrated Cell Laboratory
    Chairman of the International Cell Therapy Standard Certification Committee
    Member of the College of American Pathologist
    Prof. Guy Magalon
    Chief Executive Officer of Zhongji 1 International Knee Joint Medical Group (HK) Ltd.
    President of the European Association of Orthopedic Surgery
    President of the French Stem Cell Association
    Prof. Dean W Felsher
    Chief Medical Consultant, Asian Integrated Cell Laboratory
    Director of Stanford University Translational Medicine Center
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