About AICL

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Asian Integrated Cell Laboratory

Asian Integrated Cell Laboratory is the largest autoimmune cell bank around the world. It is the only immune cell and stem cell dual-system clinical cell bank global wide. Our facilities are implementing the standards set forth by FDA, PIC/S cGMP, ISBT128, AABB, FACT and ISBT 128. Storing 0.3 pieces immune cell and producing 1.5 million pieces of stem cell annually, it solves the problem of too few international standard cells and safe and effective application in the world. It is the leading international cell transformation and application platform, and the leader of cells care in the world.The cell bank is located at Harbourside HQ, KLB, Hong Kong.

US Centre

Located at 2445 McCabe Way Irvine California, LA Center carries out research and development and transformation of advanced medical technology; also functions research and development, production and promotion of life science products.

Macao Center

Located at avenida da praia grande, n°619, edf. comercial si toi, Macao Center provides exclusive advanced consulting services.

Shenzhen Centre

Located at 30th Floor, Jingdi Mansion, No. 3, Fuhua Road, Futian District with an area of 20,000 square feet, Shenzhen Center has the world-leading bone joint medical center, rehabilitation medical center, preventive health center, and international health education center. It provides a world-class exclusive medical services.
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